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YK Pao School

Welcome to YK Pao School

YK Pao School, “A school for tomorrow’s China,” is a pioneering non-profit private international Chinese school. Founded in memory of its name-sake, shipping magnate, businessman, statesman and philanthropist Sir Yue-Kong Pao, it offers a immersive bilingual educational program to over 1,000 students from China and beyond, striking a unique balance between the international and Chinese approaches to learning.

The primary arm of this day school is located in the heart of Shanghai’s city centre, while the junior and secondary arms, which offer boarding facilities, are in Songjiang District. Committed to providing the highest standard of Western boarding education Pao School is a IB World School.

YK Pao School offers a wide range of attractive activities

In addition to his exceptional term-based academic program, Pao also has popular summer camp activities, designed for students of different age ranges and abilities. For second-language English students, the English enrichment camp does exactly what it says on the tin, for two weeks students are immersed in an activity-led education adventure, with singing, games and movies all utilized to engage and inspire students. While the activity camp, which also runs for two weeks, really showcases Pao’s whole-person approach to education, combining interactive, creative pursuits with excursions to give kids the opportunity to learn through play. This is a great program to get kids away from screens over the holidays, and allow them to off steam, shout and be expressive.

Much like the overall learning outcomes of Pao, the school’s summer and extracurricular programs provide students with a safe environment to make rules that inform their understanding of group dynamics, the world around them and who they are as an individual.

Where to find YK Pao School

Wuding West Rd 1251
Changning, Shanghai, China

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