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SMIC Private School in Shanghai

Welcome to SMIC Private School in Shanghai

SMIC is a highly academic international-style division of a Chinese private school, which encourages it students to aim for excellence, while retaining a sense of honor, community and joy. It was established in 2001 to educate the offspring of employees of Semiconductor Manufacturing Int. Co. (SMIC).

As the school’s reputation grew, enrollment demands increased and the school opened its doors to students from outside the company, too. It now has a teaching staff of over 200 and more than 2,000 students across grades K-12 who are instructed in either English and Chinese, but a strong focus on the addition language remains across both tracks.

Students of SMIC Private School regularly get into the world’s best universities

The English-language instruction program follows an American-style curriculum to constantly achieve outstanding results, with 97 percent of students on average scoring 3 or higher. Students have been accepted to internationally-based colleges and universities, including 33 of the top 100 elite institutions in the world such as Berkeley, UCLA, Princeton, Brown, New York University, Rice, University College London, McGill, and Johns Hopkins.

Aside from this exceptional academic record, SMIC has seven different award-winning sports programs and 21 after-school clubs, offering activities to exercise the hearts, minds and bodies of SMIC students.

Great children come from great parents. To improve the education, safety, and health of the school’s talented students, and SMIC School welcomes the parents, or guardians, of SMIC students to take an active role in the PTA, to make better, brighter futures possible.

Where to find SMIC Private School

169 Qingtong Rd
Pudong, Shanghai, China

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