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Shanghai United International School

Welcome to Shanghai United International School

Shanghai United International School (SUIS ) prides itself on being “where East meets West,” with its unique combination of the IB Primary Years Program and the Curriculum of England, which are both underpinned by a strong focus on Chinese proficiency and excellence in mathematics. SUIS promotes personal development, encourages excellence and instills confidence in its more than 1,500 students.

Spread across four campuses, three of which are located in Minhang District, the last in Pudong, SUIS Is part of the Xiehe Education group of bilingual schools in Shanghai. It offers kids, from 6 to 17 years old, a truly bilingual international school experience under the umbrella of a well-respected, accredited curriculum designed to equip them with the skills to achieve internationally recognized qualifications.

Shanghai United International School features excellent facilities and numerous extracurricular activities

Over 30 nationalities, including Chinese nationals, rub shoulders on a day-to-day basis, the high demands and exacting standards of SUIS also teaches its students to be inspired and learn from each other, as SUSI believes the advantage of global perspectives is an invaluable asset to success.

SUIS boasts outstanding facilities that supplement and support the academic and creative endeavors of its pupils, including laboratories, learning resource centers, performance facilities, as well as sports and recreation areas for kids to let off steam and push their physical abilities. Extracurricular activities include the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh program, the World Scholars Club, and other diverse activities such as knitting or circus skills.

Where to find Shanghai United International School

999 Hongquan Rd.
Minhang district, Shanghai, China

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