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Welcome to Shanghai Livingston American School

Shanghai Livingston American School (LAS) provides an inspiring, supportive environment that ensures its student’s physical and emotional wellbeing, while the American-Style education system it offers has been specifically designed to cater for the offspring of foreigners residing or working in China.

As the first school in China to implement an American educational system from pre-school through grade 12, LAS classes follow the California-public school style and standards. It has prepared thousands of children for the exceptional benchmark set by U.S. schools and colleges.

To produce first-class students, LAS understands that it must recruit the very best, distinguished educators, and parents can be confident that they will find exactly that at LAS. United, the school’s teachers, counselors, and parents all play a very important role in the cultivation of confident, proficient communicators. It is through a strong home-school relationship that students are equipped with exemplary critical thinking skills that prepare them for their eventual role as compassionate citizens of the world.

Emphasis on values at Shanghai Livingston American School

Interpersonal skills are a key factor in any student’s future work setting, and LAS ensures students show integrity, empathy, and dignity at all times. The school places much emphasis on its House system, which helps with peer socialization across all age ranges, further developing student’s social and interpersonal skills.

As international students, they are fortunate to have exposure to different cultures, and this gives them a unique skill set that translates into a mature attitude toward others. The community service program at LAS advocates this, drawing on the skills of its students to really make a difference to their adopted country.

LAS also offers intensive ESL classes to second-language English speakers who may be struggling with the school’s language of instruction, helping them to become proficient and take an active role in school activities.

Where to find Shanghai Livingston American School

580 GanXi Rd.
Changning district, Shanghai, China

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