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Shanghai Korean School

Welcome to the Shanghai Korean School

The Shanghai Korean School (SKS) is in Huacao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai. As per the public school system in South Korea, students progress through three levels: six years of primary school, followed by three years of middle school and then three years of high school. The SKS education program is open to students that hold South Korean citizenship.

SKS promotes the Korean Ministry of Education’s tenants of ” improving basic abilities, skills and attitudes; develop language ability and civic morality needed to live in society; to increase the spirit of cooperation; to foster basic arithmetic skills and scientific observation skills; and to promote the understanding of healthy life and the harmonious development of body and mind.”

A tailor-made approach to learning at the Shanghai Korean School

To ensure its students achieve their potential, teachers from middle school and up are content specialists, and offer specific insight into their subject of choice. This means that gifted kids can excel, while those that may be struggling can be identified and allocated the extra support they need.

SKS aims to impart a sense of the potential students have to play in the world at large — this is achieved through the promotion of emotional development, and critical thinking, with a sound grounding in what it means to be a South Korean in the increasingly globalized world..

In addition to the instruction language of Korean, SKS also offers Chinese and English language courses to students. As parents, you will be able to become part of the lively South Korean community that engages in many activities. If your children are holding South Korean passports, the Shanghai Korean School can be the perfect choice.

Where to find the Shanghai Korean School

2999 Qixing Rd.
Minhang district, Shanghai, China

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