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Shanghai Jin Cai International School

Welcome to Shanghai Jin Cai International School

Shanghai Jin Cai International Division uses a creative hybrid of both the American and Chinese approaches to learning that encourages its students to use their head, heart and hands to achieve the very best they can in their academic career. Open to up to 600 boarding students and over 1,500 day students, this centrally-located school in Pudong was one of the first to be named an Experimental and Model High School in Shanghai, and is a government owned and operated campus.

Drawing on its experience as a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization and the School Base for Chinese International Promotion by Hanban, under the Office of the Chinese Language International, Jincai’s international curriculum features an individual approach to learning that encourages student autonomy.

Shanghai Jin Cai International School offers seven different curriculums

Drawing on the tight relationship between its Chinese and English faculties, Jincai offers seven different curriculums to suit the needs and abilities of students, including those wishing to pursue further education in the special administrative regions of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Graduates of this elite, model school have gone on to secure places at prestigious American Universities, as well as some of China’s elite higher education institutions.

This school is a great way for international students to fully immerse themselves in Chinese culture, while developing their language skills to near-fluent proficiency. If you want an excellent combination of the Chinese and American educational system for your children, Shanghai Jin Cai International School is definitely a good choice for your family. Your kids will profit from an outstanding education that will enable them to achieve in both China and the West.

Where to find Shanghai Jin Cai International School

26 Eshan Rd.
Pudong, Shanghai, China

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