International school in Shanghai

Shanghai is a bustling, exciting city that has a lot to offer. It is hard to imagine as you walk around its winding alleys, and along its main thoroughfares, that just over 100 years ago it was a sleepy fishing village of just 4,000 people – there are now more students studying at international school in Shanghai!

The Huangpu River divides Shanghai and separates the older side of town, Puxi and its many districts, from the new, Pudong. Many expats choose to live in the western Puxi side, as there are lots of bars and restaurants, while Pudong is the business heart, full of huge skyscrapers and people milling about in suits.

Parents want to find the “right” international school in Shanghai for their children

Regardless of where you choose to live, getting the kids settled in school is a major concern, and while there are lots of online resources out there, with active posters on many forums, you cannot make up for actually going to the school and seeing it with your own eyes. All parents have different ideas of the “right” education for their kids, and this is an upside of there being more than one international school in Shanghai; you can find the one that suits your kids.

There are parents, who have more than one kid, that choose to not send their kids to the same international school in Shanghai. Perhaps one child is better at Chinese, or another has a learning or physical disability and needs a more one-on-one program. Either way, it is really important that you visit the schools, and take your kids, too. Talk to the administrators, teachers and see how your kids interact with the other students, then, afterward, as a family you can come to the right decision.

From Montessori to British, American or French, Shanghai boasts some top quality learning environments that will help your kids to achieve their academic potential and sow the seeds for success later in life.