International nurseries in Shanghai

When choosing from the many international nurseries in Shanghai, the top factors parents look for are a well-equipped, encouraging campus that boasts a rich and experienced faculty, but don’t forget to look at how your kid responds to the environment, too. You can have all the state-of-the-art equipment money can buy, but if your kids are not excited or inspired, don’t be afraid to visit one of the many other international nurseries in Shanghai until you find one that fits the needs and wants of both you and your child.

As this is the first time that you, as a parent, will be handing over the care of your kid to full time education, you need to be confident that their needs will be met, and should any problems arise, academically or socially, you need to feel confident that they will be addressed properly and that you will be kept up to date with their progress.

Some important things to consider regarding international nurseries in Shanghai

So what are the most important questions to ask when you visit international nurseries in Shanghai? Do the facilities encourage learning; are they bright, clean, and well-maintained? How large are the classes? Is there a good ratio of teaching staff to children? And, ultimately, does your kid respond well to the school? Sometimes parents can be too set on wanting “what they have back home” when they are looking into international nurseries, so they overlook the fact that their kid might actually suit a new, different approach to learning.

Nursery, reception or preschool, regardless of the name, this key stepping stone into the wide world of education is an integral stage in instilling a passion for learning in our kids. So, unsurprisingly, choosing the right one can have a huge impact on how they will progress through the whole system. The earlier talent is noted, and nurtured, the more likely it is that they will excel. Even at this young age, kids are already soaking up so much of the world around them and if they are not happy in school this can have an adverse affect on their home life as well as the way in which they develop social relationships later on.

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