English schools in Shanghai

As is the case with international schools the world over, there is no lack of English schools in Shanghai that use the international language for lesson instruction, and this is not just limited to schools that offer the British curriculum.

No matter which school you choose, ultimately, your kids will be alright, they are so much more resilient than we give them credit for. I mean, how often do they fall down and pick themselves up and go on as if nothing happened while we are still internally fighting back the urge to gather them up in our arms and make them feel better? Bottom line: We can sometimes get too caught up in wanting what we had “back home” that we don’t take other things into consideration. Just because you are, say, German, doesn’t mean that the German system is the right one for your kids. Much the same can be said for the English and American systems. Although the language of instruction is the same, the style of teaching and learning experience couldn’t be more different!

Be pragmatic about finding the best English schools in Shanghai

In fact, if you speak a different language at home, enrolling your kids in one of the many English schools in Shanghai could really help them master the language. The great thing about international schools is that they have a true international climate, and they give your kids the opportunity to interact with children from everywhere, and English is so widely spoken that it will really help them later in life.

However, if you do speak English at home, then I am preaching to the converted, and with so many English schools in Shanghai, perhaps you are struggling to find the right one? Deciding on the right school for your kids can be an exhausting task, especially in a city of this size. The list of questions we have to grapple with seems never ending — is it best to choose a school nearby home, or work? Should I choose an academy known for academic or creative excellence? The best advice? Be pragmatic, and objective. Know what you want, and what you don’t want, and whittle that list down to a select few, and then go and see them.