Pupil running on the new sports ground of Britannica International School Shanghai

Britannica International School Shanghai

Britannica International School Shanghai

Britannica, with just 1,000 pupils across reception through sixth form, is small enough to really offer a pupil-by-pupil approach to your kid’s education. Britannica really understand how important it is to treat every child as an individual and through the world-renowned British independent school, equips its students with the social and academic skills to excel in life.

So, whether your kids shine in math or music or sport, or if they need more attention in any particular area, the teachers at Britannica are adept at identifying, and accommodating, these needs.

Being grounded in the U.K. curriculum, known for its interactive, creative approach to learning, means that Britannica not only prepares students for the eventual challenge of undergraduate study, but also equips “today’s learners [with an understanding] of their role as effective global citizens.” To this end, pupils are encouraged to actively take part in setting their own personal academic goals – assuring for parents as children will not get lost in a sea of faces, and a great way to build confidence in kids.

Parents love the central location of the Britannica International School Shanghai

Aside from its academic program, Britannica offers a varied selection of sports and recreation activities, water babies will love the onsite swimming pool, while budding creatives have the opportunity to excel in its music program; rest assured, there is something for every child. Older kids also have a common room, which they can use during recess, not only is it a relaxed space to chill out between class but it also encourages peer socialization.

Parents love the central location, smack bang in the heart of Shanghai – just 15 minutes from the French Concession – meaning many kids live walking distance from school. While, for families that live a bit further away, kids can get one of Britannica’s school buses, which will pick them up from right outside home.

Where to find the Britannica International School Shanghai

1988 Gubei Road near Wuzhong Road
Minhang district, Shanghai, China

Visit http://www.britannicashanghai.com/

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